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Maximize Solutions has years of experience helping condo associations lower insurance premiums and managing large-scale projects. We specialize in working collaboratively with commercial property and project managers for effective third nail or hurricane clip installations, ensuring smooth operations and addressing any inquiries you may have. 


This work can greatly reduce the insurance premium burden on the association and its residents. Feel free to contact us anytime for a complimentary evaluation on how we can assist with your larger projects!

Roofing Affidavits


FBC 706.8 - If you are getting a reroof you may have been asked to have your roof-to-wall connections verified or brought up to code by your roofer. Florida requires a roof affidavit verifying that the homes roof to wall connections are up to code if your dwelling is valued over $300k.


Our work can qualify the connections for the roof affidavit and we are licensed to complete that affidavit form for you. 


If you have encountered this while reroofing a home or when having your home reroofed we are happy to help answer any questions and if needed complete this work for you. Contact us for a free evaluation or with any questions. 




When a roof covering on an existing structure with a sawn lumber, wood plank or wood structural panel roof deck is removed and replaced on a building that is located in the wind-borne debris region as defined in the Florida Building Code, Building and that has an insured value of $300,000 or more or, if the building is uninsured or for which documentation of insured value is not presented, has a just valuation for the structure for purposes of ad valorem taxation of $300,000 or more:

  1. (a)Roof to wall connections shall be improved as required by Section 706.8.1.

  2. (b)Mandated retrofits of the roof-to-wall connection shall not be required beyond a 15 percent increase in the cost of reroofing.

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