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Q: What is the inspection after your work?


A: When we complete this work for you it needs to be inspected and documented on a wind mitigation with photos for your insurance discounts to be applied. As part of your quote we include that third party inspection for convenience. This inspection is usually scheduled the same day as our work shortly after we are finished. Our purpose is to get the work done and make it any easy process for you to get those insurance discounts after. 


Q: I have my own inspector, can I use them?


A: Yes, that is no problem at all. Just advise and we will adjust the price $100 for you if you have your own inspector you would like to use.


Q: How much does the third nail cost?


A: Most homeowners (2500sf or less) will pay $950 for our work with the included third party inspection. About 80% of the jobs we do fall into that category. If we need to install new clips to the home (typically 1960’s and older homes) we offer free evaluations for you so you can compare cost to insurance savings. 


Q: Another company said the work needs to be done through the soffit or roof of the home.


A: We have been doing this work for over 10 years and in that time we’ve developed a very efficient method through the attic of the home. We are able to do this because of the amazing technicians we hire and the training they receive. This is very difficult work through the attic of the home, but we can still do most homes through the interior without any issues. This keeps the cost down for you and doesn’t affect the exterior of the home.


Q: We have vaulted ceilings, will you have to go through the soffits for those areas?


A: We can still usually do vaulted ceilings through the attic as well. They have a small channel between the ceiling and the roof deck that we can tunnel down through to reach the connections. If we encountered a situation where we couldn’t access the clips we would look at going through the soffits at that point.


Q: We have insulation and ductwork in the attic, will that be a problem?


A: We work around insulation and ductwork on almost every job we do. If we need to get to an area where insulation is blocking the clips we will pull it out and push the insulation back in behind us. We are very careful in your attics and our employees are well trained to work around such obstacles.


Q: Why is your quote so much less than some of the others I’ve gotten?


A: That is mostly our ability to keep the prices down by doing the work through the attic of the home as mentioned above. Going through the roof deck or soffit is a much more time consuming process that requires more workers at the job to achieve the same result. Most third nail companies do not have the training or ability to do this work through the attic like we are able to and so they quote through the exterior of the home.


Q: Do you subcontract your work?


A: No, we will never contract anyone outside of our company to work on your home. We are a small family run company with 8 well trained employees that have all been with us for at least 4 years at the time of writing this. We stand by our work the day we do it and years down the line if assistance is ever needed. 


Q: Are you licensed and insured?


A: Yes, we are fully licensed (CBC1259993) and bonded with both workers comp and liability insurance. You must have either a CBC or CGC license to do this work in Florida. Handymen and Roofers are not supposed to do this structural work unless they carry another license (CBC or CGC) as well.


Q: Do you do any other work?


A: No, for the last ten years third nail / hurricane clip retrofits have been our only focus. We were the first company to begin offering this work after the wind mitigation change in 2012, and it has always kept us busy. If you need a referal for someone for a project we will of course help try and give you a trusted name. 


Q: How much will I save with the third nail?


A: It is tough for us to predict your savings because insurance will vary, and it depends on your homes location in relation to high wind areas. It is usually beneficial enough that it pays for itself in a year and you will continue to receive that savings annually after. To find out your exact savings you can ask your insurance agent what (b) clips on page 2 section 4 of the wind mitigation form will bring your premium to and they can mock it into your policy and determine the annual savings for you. It is usually a very good ROI!


Please email us anytime at with any other questions, we know this can be confusing and are always happy to help. 

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